Dreamgirls Review

Dreamgirls is a show that pulls out all the stops, from spine-tingling vocals to breath-taking dancing to mesmerising costumes and incredible sets, Dreamgirls is a show that has it all.

The show tells the story of the Dreamettes a group of three hopeful girls trying to make it big in the world of music during the 1960s. The group is composed of lead signer Effie White and her two best friends Deena Jones and Lorrell Robinson. Backstage at a talent competition they meet Curtis Taylor Jr. who becomes their new manager and convinces them to sing backup for the famous Jimmy Early. Curtis manages to help them become big by giving them a more sophisticated sound, changing their name to The Dreams and the biggest change being swapping lead singer Effie with Deena, who would appeal to white audiences better despite being weaker vocally. A fallout ensues creating gripping onstage drama set to a tremendous score and the backdrop of the racial tensions and issues that the period presented.

The music truly is fabulous with fun and upbeat numbers such as Cadillac Car to the emotional powerhouses that are And I am Telling You I’m Not Going and Listen. These blend together perfectly with the story to create a powerful show that tugs at all of your emotions in the best way possible.

The cast are all outstanding I witnessed understudies for all four of the main female roles and they all were absolutely incredible. I consider myself privileged to have been able to see Marisha Wallace as Effie White, whose vocals and acting absolutely blew me away and left me with chills, it took me awhile to regain myself during the interval after witnessing her breath-taking And I am Telling You I’m Not Going. While I did hear some grumblings going on from people who were disappointed about Amber Riley not performing that day as I entered the theatre, all I heard was praise for Marisha as I left and it was fully deserved. I also felt thankful to be able to see Lily Frazer as Deena Jones, I knew Lily from seeing her in In the Heights a number of times and it was just wonderful to watch her again and she completely owned the part, especially the fantastic Listen. It was also fantastic to see Joe Aaron Reid as Curtis Taylor Jr. I also knew Joe from In the Heights and he was fantastic as Curtis I especially loved his Steppin’ to the Backside which was a standout number for me and he absolutely rocked it.

I cannot recommend Dreamgirls enough it is a show that goes all out and does not disappoint. Everything is to such a high standard it is impossible to not walk out impressed. The costumes and set are all to such a high standard and would be a joy to look at on their own and work together to make the show absolutely mesmerising.  The vocals are what really shines for me and left me with chills as I watched in awe of these incredible performers who give it their all throughout the entire performance. Dreamgirls is truly a breath-taking show that should not be missed.

Dreamgirls plays at the Savoy Theatre and is currently booking till the 21st October, tickets can be found here.

Photograph at top does not belong to me, original image can be found here.





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